What position job title should CCNA candidate look for

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Hi all,

As a candidate with an A+, CCNA R&S, CCNA Voice without any real experience what job title should I look for to get hands on experience to become a network engineer in future?

For example: NOC, network technician, help desk,... ?

And what is this NOC job? is NOC job the right path to become Network Engineer?

Thanks in Advance


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    kohr-ahkohr-ah Member Posts: 1,277
    NOC Jobs are usually a good way to get some basic hands on experience as a network engineer. You work in a monitoring center that usually monitors servers, routers, switches, aps, firewalls, etc.

    With no experience you are the first point of contact in most cases.
    A router goes down at Point A and you can still connect to Point B.
    So you log into Point B and see the logs,
    check the neighbor tables, etc.
    Which you take the information you found and send it off to the next guy up and he solves the issue.

    Then after you get some basic experience you hop onto a more challenging role if you don't move up in your current company.

    I'd search NOC, Tier 1, Help Desk, CCNA, Entry, Junior, Network Technician, Network Engineer, Operations Center
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    gyrfalcon16gyrfalcon16 Registered Users Posts: 3 ■□□□□□□□□□
    Principal ASIC Design Engineer

    Just kidding. Any ground level network related job with an IT department would be a good first step. Something where you'll get hands on time with routers/switches and other infrastructure devices. NOC jobs are not that great of a first step, since you're pretty far removed from direct involvement with hardware.

    An installer or CPE technician might also be a good first position. You would drive to different locations/companies and replace/reconfigure hardware and basically be the eyes and feet on the ground. A lot of the time you'll work with higher level CCIEs and network professionals to resolve issues.
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    NinjaBoyNinjaBoy Member Posts: 968
    Without any experience, any entry level IT position.

    Your first hurdle is to get into IT, regardless of what qualifications you have :)
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