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you guy,

Please tell me dose Appletalk only use on L2TP and can't use on PPTP, or both can use or can't use? icon_cry.gif


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    First remember that L2TP is base in PPTP. The main difference is that L2TP is more secure. I not sure if Apple Talk support these protocols but Apple machines support TCP/IP so is very probable that you can implement L2TP or PPTP in a Apple network. For the Net+ exam you should only know basic about Apple Talk. Verify the objectives.
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    Yes, Appletalk can be tunneled in L2TP and in PPTP. In L2TP however, they'll be sent in IP packets, so essentiallu L2TP tunnels IP only, but you can tunnel AppleTalk in it. icon_wink.gif
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    Thank you so much!
    One more question is
    " what protocol dose Windows 2000 enable Macintosh clients use the resources on the server?"
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    Is not a protocol, Is a services that you install in the win server or the mac clients. I cant remember the exact name but is something like Services for Machintosh. Verify the technote of this site it have the information.
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