Passed EXIN ITIL-F 2011 yesterday

Used primarily these resources:
#1: ITIL Foundation Exam Study Guide: Liz Gallacher, Helen Morris: 9781119942757: Books
#2: IT Service Management: A Guide for ITIL Foundation Exam Candidates Second Edition: John Sansbury, Richard Griffiths, Aidan Lawes: 9781906124939: Books
#3: ITILyaBrady - ITILyaBrady
. . . and other miscellaneous Internet ITIL resources such as Thoughtrock's sample study guide

Drives me nuts that some people wrapped this in two weeks, where it took me nearly three months. I think some of it is "unlearning" how outfits I've worked with have done certain things, the rest of it absorbing the terminology and approaches.

The test is probably best taken with a full night's sleep and relaxed. I passed with 85%, and if I had studied for a few more weeks I might have been more relaxed/killed the exam. I had some time pressures and was getting tired of going over the material, so I jumped for it as soon as I hit 65% on ITILyabrady's practice tests. If I had not hit 100% on a number of test objectives, I could have been defeated by the 50% mark I got on Roles.

As I'm a fast reader and this is not a highly technical exam, I zoomed through the questions then hit Review. This is one of the few tests I have spent lots of review time on. I know many folks preach "trust your first gut answer", but some questions simply screamed "review me". I actually found a couple I felt better about changing the answer on. With such a small number of questions, a pass/fail result can hang on just a couple questions and I think I relatively "squeaked by". I might have barely passed had I not reviewed, but I feel like I was maybe a handful of questions from failing. (Again, with more time to study I might have buried this exam, but oh well. . .)

IMO, ITILyabrady's practice test was a great prep tool. It needs some polish, but required you to think through the questions much in the same way the actual exam does. That practice test also gives breakdowns in the requisite test areas so you know where to study. I probably spent $30 on the test rental, but it was worth every penny and cost even less than uCertify. I groused about having to rent the practice test, but honestly, I probably got better results than I would have with any other product.
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