Is this Course worth it?

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Support Technician package (25284) - course details on

I am very seriously considering taking this course. Do any of you have a rough estimate of what the price will be or if its worth it, thanks.


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    Nah, I wouldn't go for it. What are they really offering that you couldn't find yourself for MUCH less?
    Looks like it's a self-taught self-study type program with "tutors" available if you have questions - which of course, you can always find here or countless other places as well for free... And to try to cram all 6 of those certification study hours into 100 hours part time - what's that, like 4-6 weeks? There's no way you'll be able to retain all of that and then test for all of them.

    I think you'd be much better off tackling them one at a time, on your own, with the help of the interwebs. (at least for the early certs like A+, Network+, etc.) There's so many resources so widely available online for those now that giving up money to someone else to train you in them is kind of a waste.

    ETA: Also - there's typos all over their site as well. Which just scream sketch to me. "Enquire today!" "Enrol now!"
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    You'd be much better served to look at sites and courses that come recommended by other IT professionals. A lot of folks on this forum recommend Professor Messer for free CompTIA resources, and CBT Nuggets if you're looking to spend money.

    Free Microsoft Training: Microsoft Learn
    Free PowerShell Resources: Top PowerShell Blogs
    Free DevOps/Azure Resources: Visual Studio Dev Essentials

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    What they said. I would put that money into setting up a lab at home, study materials and CBT videos myself. Learn something, lab it then learn it, lab it...keep going till your done!
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