Best Reading Study Materials for Switch?

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Something I have been considering for a while as I am preparing to sit for the Route exam.

It seem the general conciseness of the Cisco Press material is that it is lacking in some areas of exam content and/or big time grammatical errors. It seems most people are disappointed with both the OCG and FLG guides. So, I have been considering the CCNP Simplified guide for my reading material. Simplified is awesome and I have been using it for Route. If Switch is of the same caliber it will prove extremely useful.

I just wanted to get a poll of opinions on reading content people would most recommend as I am about to dive into switch.

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    for theory, I used the OCG and paired with Cisco LAN Switching, although it's pretty old and covers things that are beyond the scope of the exam as well as legacy items like catOS, I found it quite informative, especially with STP. My suggestion, to slam dunk the exam, is to get two 2950s and two 3550s, of which can be found fairly cheap these days, and a few xover cables. Pick up the Switch Lab book and work through it. It helped me understand the spanning tree election process under live conditions.
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