Is it worth it?

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Ok this is the first certification i'v tried to get. I failed the first time, going to go for it again.

I'v been studying for like 3 or 4 months now. Is that about normal? I know everyone is different, but 4 months seems like a long time. I want to get my mcsa. So 7 exams ( i think for that one) at 4 months, it will take me like 3 years! So i'm wondering if it is worth it.

I've been reading Managing and Maintaining a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 environment by Craig Zacker ( Microsoft Official Academic Course) is that a good one to read? I hope so because it came with the class at school.

Also i have been taking the practice test that comes the book.

I also have a small lab set up at home. 1 server and 1 computer to connect. Anyone know of any good labs i can do to help?




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    If you get cbt's you can cut down on the reading as long as you throughly understand the objectives and know how to apply them. There wont be a new server release very soon so you have time to do 3 exam by mid 2006 and can finish mcse 2003 by December.


    270- 1-2 months
    290- 2-3 months
    291- 2-3 months
    292 - 1-2 months repetition of 270 & 290, a little of 291/293. (elective) obtain mcsa on win 2003 here.
    293 - 2-3 months
    294 - 2-3 months
    297 - 1-2 months or 219 which is easier

    So approx 1 1/2 years.

    Then you can chose if you want to specialize.
    What next?
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    If you crack 290 mate it will make it abit easy as ive heard this is a tough exam, after this if you do 270 i think you will breeze through it, i wish i had done 290 first instead of 270 as i struggled abit not knowing how the server side worked icon_sad.gif
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