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Hello guys I have a question I own A+, N+ and about to take my Security+ test in few weeks I been looking at VMware guys do you think I should prepare my self to get that certification any advice thanks.


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    Virtual and cloud is becoming huge in businesses today. However, you would probably be better off getting some more network or system certifications, then go on to VM if you decide to go that way. My logic is that you would have increased knowledge which could then be applied towards virtualizing an environment. Microsoft MCSE has a private cloud certification as well.
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    I'm inclined to agree with TechGuru80 on this. At least get more experience with networking before moving onto a VMware certification. The great thing is that you can do both at the same time. Download the free VMware products and create a virtual network on your system with a couple of virtual machines (VMs). Also, unless it's changed recently, you can't get a VMware certification without attending a VMware class and these classes are pretty pricey.
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    I agree with everyone else there will be a huge gap on your resume between your comptia certs and the VCP. Do you have VMware experience? Honestly I agree with TechGuru80 go up the Microsoft certification path. If you want to explore virtualization you can do the MCSE Private Cloud. This morning I have the MCSA Server 2012 upgrade test and after I finish the MCSE Server Infrastructure I have to do Private Cloud because. My employer is a Cloud Based Services Provider and Microsoft wants us to have in even though we use VMware. Also if you liked Network + or networking I'd recommend doing the CCNA. In my opinion if any one wants to have a job that is above level 1 or 2 Help Desk they should do the CCNA. It makes troubleshooting which easier when you have that knowledge.
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