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with a 785! Not the best score, but I'll take it.

Funny thing, I took the Network+ back in April and found Security+ to be the exact opposite. Studying for the Network+ was a lot more difficult simply due to the sheer amount of technical information it **** on you, but due to it's technical nature the test itself was easy.

Security+ material was easy to understand and I had no problem grasping the concepts, but CompTIA's habit of giving you vague questions with multiple correct (to a degree) answers had me second guessing myself on every other question.

Big thanks to Darril for his book and all the other resources on this site!


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    Congrats!! It's not a bad score either.. a pass is a pass anyway, who cares about the score?:) What are you planning to study next?
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    As for my next cert, honestly not sure at the moment.
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    Congratulations! I hope to join you.
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    I agree with you in re: Sec+ vs Net+
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    Good Job.
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