learning old exam objectives for new exam? (& I passed!)

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I am reading a book (Linux+ cert bible) that is based on the old objectives. I guess after reading the 04 objectives (from CompTIA) the exams are less alike than I realized.

2001 Objectives
Domain % of Examin
1.0 Planning the Implementation 4%
2.0 Installation 12%
3.0 Configuration 15%
4.0 Administration 18%
5.0 System Maintenance 14%
6.0 Troubleshooting 18%
7.0 Identify, Install, and Maintain System Hardware 19%
TOTAL 100%

2004 Objectives
1.0 Installation 19%
2.0 Management 26%
3.0 Configuration 20%
4.0 Security 21%
5.0 Documentation 6%
6.0 Hardware 8%
Total 100%

Overall, it seems the first exam is more focused on knowing where stuff is and what it is used for, where the second exam is more focused on actual administration and requires more depth with commands.

I am planning to just look up some of the things listed in the objectives to bridge the gap, but I am wondering if anyone else here used XK0-001 study material for the XK0-002 exam, and what their experiences were.


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    The bigger difference is that the emphasis on hardware has been greatly reduced. This is actually an improvement from the original exam in that it now tests Linux knowledge instead of Linux/A+ knowledge. The updated exam doesn't go much more in depth on any of the commands than the original it just asks more questions about them.
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    I took the exam a few hours ago and passed with a 750.

    I agree with you that the new objectives are more realistic, I only had a couple A+ questions.

    I thoght the test was on target and the questions were all fair. I also think the new exam is a little more difficult than the first (12 months vs 6 months experience). It might pe possible to pass the exam without any real experience but I don't think it would be easy.
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    Congrats :)
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