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I've just booked my 70-680 exam for November 15th. I intend to pass it, so I have been listening to the CBT Nugget videos while walking to work, as well as watching them in my lunchbreak with my notes. However, for the times when I have a few minutes spare I was thinking about just doing a few practise exam questions. I had a look online and after sifting through lots of worthless braindump stuff, I found this site. Covers a lot of ground, but is it any good? Just want some other opinions, because while it doesn't look like braindump stuff I could be wrong :D

Free Microsoft Practice Exams - MCPD, MCTS, MCITP, MCSA, MCSE Test Questions


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    Appears to be legit:

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    Thanks for that 4_lom, I'll be using that to test. Better I do that that than spamming everyone here :)
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    Reading guides and books can only get you so far, to really solidify the knowledge have a go at creating problems and solving them using the skills the book has taught you. Make a virtual machine and really go at it. Do some migrations of profiles, set up a WDS and try pushing things down through it. Some things are a bit more in-depth to do but at the very least setting up a 2008 R2 server and getting things running with it even in a virtual environment goes a long way.
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