Using a Kindle to study for the CCNP

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Has anyone studied for their CCNP tests using the books available on Kindle through Amazon and just studying what they can digitally? The reason being is that I work for an ISP on the phones, turning up circuits and troubleshooting primarily, and I have a lot of down-time (it's sporadic, of course). But some days I have hours of unproductive time where I just aimlessly surf the Internet. I'm thinking that I could be studying all this time and get so much more reading done if I had my study materials available in a Kindle-format (my company doesn't allow reading real books while on the phones).

Don't the Kindle-format books allow you to highlight passages or certain texts - like if you want to copy and paste it into a study-notes section elsewhere? This would have to be a necessity for me to go this route. If all the aforementioned info is correct, I'm really thinking about getting a Kindle to study the books with. Goodbye to the physical, hello to the virtual.


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    I don't own a physical Kindle but have downloaded the Kindle app onto my PC in order to read CCNP Switch Simplified. I also have occasional downtime at work so it allows me to read it anytime. The highlight feature is also a really nice addition.
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    So it does have a highlight feature?

    Since we abandoned cable TV and just use Internet, we use our sole laptop to stream what's on it to the TV. And since I have to go to Panera's to study due to small children running amok in the house, I can't take the laptop with me; it's used too much at home. So I was thinking of using a Kindle to take with me for my studying.
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    It does highlight. I also use audio books from kindle while I commute for a little extra study time, but I don't think there is a version for ccnp. Good luck!
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    Sure, I used digital books to pass my CCNP. As long as you're comfortable using your Kindle, and you can find digital copies of the books you'd otherwise buy, it's a fine route to mastering the material.

    Don't forget labbing!!
    Don't the Kindle-format books allow you to highlight passages or certain texts
    Of course, and to take notes, too. :)
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    Yup the Kindle App does have the highlight feature
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    I use the Kindle Fire for studying, I love it, I dont highlight stuff though
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