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I've decided to purchase a Swtich and a Router probably from the used market down here for my practical purpose. I currently lack knowledge about the model and other stuff that I should be looking for before buying. Suggestions?


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    Do a search through the forum and you will find a bunch of threads with information.

    A quick answer would be a three 2600xm or newer routers and three 2950 or new switches would be a sufficient CCNA lab.
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    I agree with networker050184 but if you can change the 2600xm for 1800 much quieter and change one of the 2950 for a 3550emi version and get a lab book.
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    I'm from Australia and I bought a lab set from ebay for $500 with 3x 2620xm routers and 3x 2950 switches and all the accessories to go with it.

    Here's the kit I got if you want to get a bit of an idea about what to get:
    Ccna Cisco LAB KIT CISCO2620XM WS C2950 24 WIC 2T 12U Rack Stand CCNP | eBay

    I hope I'm allowed to post links? :/

    Anyway, also look into GNS3 as a simulator (if you haven't already). It's pretty much exactly the same as having a real router, although it doesn't really simulate switches. I used both my lab and GNS3, depending on the size of the network and if I could be bothered to physically set it up. It is also possible to connect your real equipment to GNS3 and, therefore, have your virtual routers and your physical equipment as one large network.

    You will need more than just 1 switch and 1 router. For the CCENT/CCNA you need at least 2 of each, 3 is even better. The thing is, while you can practice commands with one of each, you can't practice creating networks. You need at least 2 routers for things such as routing protocols and PPP. You need at least 2 switches to practice trunking, VTP, STP, etc. Three of each allows you to lab a good number of practice networks so that would be my suggestion if you can afford it, especially if you are thinking of going beyond CCNA later on. If you don't want to spend too much, then you could get 2 switches, 1 router and combine them with GNS3 to create a larger network that incorporates virtual routers. You'll also need GNS3 for frame-relay since you probably won't have a physical frame relay switch.
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    read up on wendell odom blog. he breaks it down under CCENT blog
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