Restore router OS With FTP or Xmodem?

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The NetAcademy material talks about restore the IOS by copying it from a ftp site through an Ethernet cable, or copy it with an Xmodem. I think these are very old and slow method. Are there new, faster and more convenient way to to restore the ISO to a router nowadays?


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    FTP or compact flash are the most popular methods I've seen. Xmodem is really a last resort.
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    With an ISR [and some old routers like the 3745 also] you can just copy IOS right onto the Compact Flash card as long as you have a CF Reader. This is the fastest method and how I upgraded the IOS on my 2800 Series Routers. Once you put the card back into the router, you will want to either delete the old IOS or add a "boot system" command to force it to user the newer IOS. Deleting the old IOS is the better option since it will still boot the correct IOS even if you erase the startup-config ("wr erase").

    For other routers, the most common method is TFTP. Theoretically, it should be able to transfer as fast as the connection. But, in reality its nowhere near that fast. But, its still ALOT faster than Xmodem, which is basically limited to just below ISDN BRI Speed (115200 bps) or worse Slow Dial-Up (9600 bps) if you stick with the default BAUD.

    Switches can use TFTP only from an existing IOS. If IOS gets corrupted or deleted, the only option is Xmodem. Installing IOS on a 3560 over XModem takes about 30 minutes and that's if you crank up the BAUD to 115200.
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