ICND2 failed. fresh

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818. I guess it's just one right click away. I was not ready, but just to take the chance before the new CCNA. The sim is more complex than I expected, and the time is at least 10 min shorter than I need...

It seems like the new CCNA has only one option, the composite, which means my ICND1 is nothing. Will I get some discount when I go to new CCNA since I passed ICND1?


  • FLEOHBFLEOHB Member Posts: 33 ■■□□□□□□□□
    There is still an ICND2 with the new test .... 200-101 ICND2 - IT Certification and Career Paths - Cisco Systems

    ICND1 = 100-101
    INCD2 = 200-101
    Composite = 200-120

    Hope that helps ^_^
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    Brutal fail. So sorry, man. If it's any consolation, the first time I tried for the CCNA I failed the ICND part 1 once and the composite twice, with the second one a fail by two points - an 849 to pass and I made an 847. But I kept pounding away at it and my next attempt I passed, finally. I was giggling like an idiot all the way to the car. Persistence pays off.

    Don't worry, you can still take the "new" ICND 2. Same cost as the other, I believe.
  • f0rgiv3nf0rgiv3n Connection Overlord Member Posts: 598 ■■■■□□□□□□
    Keep up the motivation, you've already done all this hardcore studying so keep the train moving along... You'll get it next time! I too failed my CCNA when I took it the first time by 2 points oddly enough.
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