CCNA Voice Lab (Virtual)

I am sure this question has already been asked on here but I couldn't find it so I apologize up front if I'm asking a question that's already been asked. I just passed my CCDA exam on Friday which actually provided me with CCDA as well as CCDP since I already passed the ARCH exam to renew my CCNP back in June. So now I'm looking to try and knock out CCNA: Voice before the end of this year. I already have the Cisco Press book for CCNA Voice, as well as the CBT Nuggets videos. Honestly, I'm not looking to spend money on a lab if at all possible. I'd like to be able to get away with setting up a virtual lab in GNS3 and vmware which I know is possible. Was just wondering if anyone has any recommendations on places that walk you through the process of what's needed and all of that. I really don't plan to go any higher than CCNA: Voice in the voice track anytime soon unless something changes so I don't want to invest the money in the gear that I'm only going to use more than likely one time. Any guidance will be greatly appreciated.


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