Passed! And the material and techniques I used to help.

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Been lurking here for months but thought I would offer some input into the materials I used to help me pass the exam last friday with a 857.


Exam Cram 2
MS Press Self-Paced Training Kit (70-270) 2nd Edition

I can say the the exam cram book was lacking (being its just more of a what to study type book), but I found a good deal of the information found in the book to be unhelpful or in some situations, useless. It does what it is supose to do (give a good refresher and narrow down info), but I perfer more depth.

The MS book impressed me, though as in any book was not able to cover every possible topic found on the test. It gave a good amount of depth on a wide range of topics and that last section of chapters were helpful in that they gave you a variety of hand on practices that you should go through to aid you in the exam.

Practice Tests

Measure Up
MS Readiness Review (powered by measure up)(came with book)
Prep Logic

All four practice engines were helpful. I found the prep logic and the version of the measure up exam that I possessed seemed to toss out some random questions and soemtimes focus on items that were dated. Perhaps this is just the version of the test I had, I honestly don't have the most recent version to compare to.

Either way i found that the practice tests together allowed me to go through and apply the knowledge I had gained and point out were I was having problems. Going through the answer I got wrong, making notes, and figure out why I got the questions wrong helped me greatly. The same thing on questions I got right but had not been positive on. Taking the exams again and again helped build repetition so that when faced with simliar questions, I could more easily draw upon my previous answers.

Overall the most helpful things for me in studying was to break the test down into sections. I studied my notes just by rereading them again and again for a while but it was just to much information to process. I have the best advances in my knowledge retention when I broke my notes into section and work with each section for a few days while customized the exams to only quiz myself on those sections. After I had felt comfortable with one section I would more on. Rise and repeated that until all sections felt good.

With that technique I was able to go from a steady 60% on most exames to over 80-90% on the exams after I had finished the section by section type of studying. Not that this will work for everyone but I hope it helps some :D

You obviously can not just study in the books and hope to pass. You really do need hands on with XP, 2003 and the variety of technologies they both employ. That has been stated numerous times in these forums but I just have to agree fully.

I am very happy with finally being done with this cert. I dad worked on it for 6 months now (though 2 months in the middle were a break because I was too busy to study) and finally being able to breath a little bit it nice.

Good luck to all those taking the test in the future. Its worth it just for the knowledge you gain as you are studying for the cert :D


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