Just need a little advice

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I have recently been doing some basic Windows 7 Migration and imaging work. I was thinking since I have been around this technology that maybe I should get the Windows 7 Administration certification. I know there is going to be a lot of Migration work coming open and I'm guessing that there will be a need for Techs to be able to support Windows 7 after the Migrations and all that. I have a diverse background in IT that covers Telecom tech, Help Desk, Data Center and Remote Tech Support duties. I dont have any certifications but I think a Windows 7 cert would be a good cert to build on right now since I'm already around Windows 7 software at work. Just want to get some advice on some good video tutorials to work with. I know Professer Messor has some free videos on his site which look good as well as Trainsignal.com.. I was also wondering is there any virtual or simulation software that I can use on my computer at home to practice certain scenarios with. Of course I can do some of it at work but I kind of want something at home to work with. Just wanted to get some advice from someone who have already been through this.


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