MPLS in CCIE R&S track

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Hi all

Reading my MPLS fundamentals and wondering if any CCIEs have feedback on exactly how in depth the R&S track goes on MPLS/MPLSVPN.

I am aware that the AToM and ATM material is not covered, but as I get more in depth I wonder how much I should be covering?

e.g. all the fancy tweaks with PE-CE routing (IRL I have only ever seen statics for branch, eBGP for main sites /dual homed) esp. re: EIGRP and OSPF running over the top, RT/RD juggling to enforce hub and spoke topology, traffic engineering.... quite comfortable with the basics and can knock up a basic MPLSVPN in my lab but as I delve more into the advanced topics that aren't listed on the exam blueprint I wonder whether I'm wasting my time (re: the exam anyway, I want to know this stuff too but for exam purposes if I know its not covered I won't spend the time to lab it in depth / re-read like crazy lol at least not right now)

Thanks in advance


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    If you've read farther than Chapter 7, you've read too far. That book covers the stuff you need to know, but the author can be wordy and boring.
    You need to know MPLS in the core and the edge. Nothing more than L3VPN. It's that simple and that hard. :)
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    Ah crap you mean stop reading the interesting stuff :)

    Thanks! That actually takes a load off my mind (though I do love the complex SP stuff, if it wasn't for the IOS XR content I would probably shoot for a CCNP SP next).
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    MPLS is like fried dumplings to me, I always want more.
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