CCENT Question

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Hey Guys,

Just a quick question i noticed on the Pearson Practice test that confused me and im sure this is wrong?

Which two characteristics describe the access layer of the hierarchical network design model? (choose two)

A. Layer 3 support
B. Port Security
C. Redundant Components
E. PoE

Now i know for a fact the features in a access layer cover port security, VLANs and PoE. However because i can only choose two im unsure. Then to make it worse the answer tells me it's A and B. How the @[email protected][email protected] is layer 3 connected with access surely it's distribution. I have looked everywhere for help on this does anyone know what i need to look at to find the right answer (topic area?) Techexams is my last resort. icon_cry.gif

Many Thanks


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