New r2 content using old materials question?

topcat007topcat007 Member Posts: 23 ■□□□□□□□□□ link to book

I have bought the 70-411 book which does not have the new r2 content in I won't be sitting the exam until after January.

I purchased the book as I have just completed 70-410 and didn't want to wait until the middle of next year for new materials to be available

Question is how will I bridge the gap between 2012 70-411 content and 70-411r2 exam assessment criteria ? If I go into the exam say March I don't want there to be massive holes in my knowledge but how would I know what extra to study? Is there that much change?

Not very happy with Microsoft never having good quality study material available until 6 months after the exam is released makes it so difficult to learn

Any advice appreciated


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