ICND2 Pass

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Just took ICND2 and passed with a 986. Almost positive the question I missed was related to OSPF. Going to dive straight into CCNP next.

If anyone is doing any last minute studying I'd brush up on Frame Relay.
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    Congrats! What comes next?
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    i am a ccna 20 days older than you.:D
    and is already studying the ccnp routing. reading the book foundation learning guide,
    bgp seems much complicated than the routing protocols we learnt in the ccna!
    but i think i can handle it!icon_twisted.gif

    keep pushing, brother!icon_cheers.gif
  • johnifanx98johnifanx98 Member Posts: 329
    Mr. 986,

    Could you kindly share what practice exam you've been using? i've been using Lammel's CCN study guide. The questions in the book are way to simple compared with ICND2 exams. I could not even finish the exam in time.
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    I used the practice exams that came with Odom's book, and the Transcender exams provided by CBT Nuggets. I think the study approach I took helped me retain the information better than when I scored in the low 900s on the CCENT. I put way more emphasis on labbing which made the process a lot more fun. Could I have memorized the different frame relay encapsulation or lmi types in a chart in the book? Probably. But configuring them 20 times in a lab really hammered it into my brain.
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    Gongratulations!!! I would advice that you get some real world experience before you go after that CCNP. Certs don't hold much weight without the experience to back it up. You don't wanna be another paper CCNP there's already enough of those lol. I wish you the best.
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    I've been working in IT for about 3 years and working with Cisco in a small enterprise environment for about a year, so I'm not completely green.
    2014 Certification Goals: 70-410 [ ] CCNA:S [ ] Linux+ [ ]
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