ISSAP Study Group!

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Humbe wrote:
We should create a thread about it!

Hey guys,

I guess I'm going to set aside Madden 25 for a while and do some ISSAP studying with Humbe.

We're going to set up a weekly study group over Skype or Adobe Connect, with 3-4 hours presentations on each domain developed by study group members.

This is NOT intended to be 100% everything you need to know about ISSAP, but an additional study tool and a break from the monotony of book reading, flashcard memorizing, and test-quiz-engine-whatever doing. Six domains means six presentations. It would be ideal to have six members, one for each presentation/domain.

Times and days are still open, but Humbe and I are both East Coast USA (EDT), so it'll probably be after normal business hours our time.

EDIT: In fact, almost all logistics are unplanned at this time until we can gauge interest.

2nd EDIT: Also, don't sign up if you're against having your presentation recorded. It could be a good resource for others potentially studying for this in the near future, and I'd like to record it/post it up to TE unless there's a law against that; JDMurray will certainly let me know if there is right before he breaks my legs.


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    Ideally, we would start with the studies on 10/15 or 10/20 to allow our fellow members to buy the book and have the material prior starting.

    Any thoughts are appreciated.
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    Greetings from Nathan, count me in on this study plan. I have been a security architect for the past 7 years and have been thinking about this certification for the past 3 months, haven't started preparing. I am planning to get the electronic version of the book. I like Humbe's idea of starting on 10/15. Please share logistics if you are planning a preliminary meeting, preferably before the start date so we can introduce each other and workout the remaining logistics. Great you took the initiative. Regards, Nathan / CertMonk
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    Okay, three was my magic number, and we're at three. That way we each only need to make a maximum of two presentations. More are definitely welcome - encouraged, even - if there is more interest prior to the preliminary meeting.

    I would like to propose a (AVAILABILITY EDIT:) 7:30 PM EDT Google Hangout on October 8. BYOB. Agenda:

    1. Make small talk regarding weather, our jobs, recent sporting news developments, and whatever else.
    2. Consensus day/time schedule for six week ISSAP domain commitment.
    3. Plan domain presentation schedule.
    4. Decide if Google Hangouts is an acceptable way to deliver presentations.

    That work for you guys? I'll get you my email address as the time gets closer.
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    I think that's perfect. I think we might have to move the 6 PM EST to 7 or 8 PM instead as I usually get home around 6:30 PM.

    If anyone else wants to join please feel free, we are all here to help each other.
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    Humbe found us a fourth. Two seats remain. Post up like Kobe or be left in the cheap seats watching videos.

    EDIT: I think I'm hilarious, just so everyone knows.
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    Hello All,
    Can i get in on this? Whatever time works for you should work for me.

  • HumbeHumbe Member Posts: 202
    Great to have another person joining us.

    Good to have you on board John_Smith
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    Welcome to the party, John. That brings us to five of six, would be nice to see one more - I know there's more than just the five of us thinking "$#%@ I'm tired of just being one of the 80,000 CISSPs"
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    80,000 vs 7,000,000,000 people in the world doesn't sound that bad....

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    1,000 vs 80,000 sounds that much better ^.^
  • HumbeHumbe Member Posts: 202
    We can do it... I almost had it that time ! :D
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    I'd hop in as the ISSAP stuff looks interesting, but I wont be CISSP endorsed until the middle of next year. ISSAP looks like a 2015-2016 thing for me haha.
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    I vote for 8:00 PM on the 8th. Google Hangout will work just fine. Looks like we have the number of participants we are looking for. I will talk to you all on the 8th. BTW, I looked at a sample chapter of the second edition of the CBK, I did not notice much difference between the 1st and this other than some text edits. I was at the ISC2 Security Congress and attended the ISSAP credential clinic (half day teaser), the coordinator also felt it may not be worthwhile spending another $60-70 if you already have the first edition.
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    I would like to participate in this study group, but unfortunately do not have the free time to do so, so I wish the best to all of those that are going after the ISSAP.

    I do have one question, though. I know that (ISC)2 has released the second edition of The Official (ISC)2 Guide to the ISSAP CBK. Does anyone know if there are any significant deltas from the first edition? I know what when I do plan on getting down to studying again, it would be worthwhile to know whether or not to get the most current edition or not.

    Best regards,

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    certmonk wrote: »
    I vote for 8:00 PM on the 8th
    Time changed to 8pm.
    Email me: [email protected]
    I'll be working out of the second edition; I haven't purchased the book yet (shame on me). I don't much care what books you guys work out of, it probably hasn't changed all that much.

    @ Emerald - You do have 9 months after passing the exam to submit your endorsement, which means if you study from Oct 15 to ~Dec 1 and pass the test on Dec 2, you can submit the paperwork as late as August 2. Just some food for thought.
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    Certmonk, you never emailed me.

    Plans are for ~7:30-8-ish to 9-ish. Informal kickoff. Tonight.
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    Yesterday we had a very productive meeting and it was great getting to know some of the members of TE and fellow CISSP brothers.
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    Don't misrepresent our group, Humbe. We basically turned Google Hangouts into a bar scene party that I didn't have to worry about driving home from.

    I mean, I don't know about the rest of you, but I generally talk about access control systems and cryptography with all the strangers I meet at the bar.
  • HumbeHumbe Member Posts: 202
    Lmao !!

    redz wrote: »
    Don't misrepresent our group, Humbe. We basically turned Google Hangouts into a bar scene party that I didn't have to worry about driving home from.

    I mean, I don't know about the rest of you, but I generally talk about access control systems and cryptography with all the strangers I meet at the bar.
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