Passed Security+ today - Sep30th- 2013 - Yay!

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Thanks to Almighty, I have passed:) 804.

Wondering if I should go for CASP or CISSP next.

Resources Used:
* Started by just watching all Professor Messer Security + Videos to get an idea (found them very helpful)
* Read Darrils Book (Superb Book, to the point)
* This forum and the stickied threads.

Spent about 6 weeks total for prep.

I must say about 25 or so multiple questions on the exam were VERY VERY close, if not same, to the practice questions in Darril's book!

Some of the questions were worded so vaguely that I was sitting there going WTF.... :)


  • LeamanaudioLeamanaudio Member Posts: 5 ■□□□□□□□□□
    Congrats! I look forward to this exam in the future. My wife used Professor Messer and Darril's book and had great success.
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  • DarrilDarril Member Posts: 1,588
    Congratulations on the pass and glad to hear that the book helped.

    There are many variables that can affect your decision to do CASP and CISSP. In general, the CISSP has much more marketability. It is understood by many more hiring managers and combined with a BS in MIS, might be your best choice. Then again if you don't have the required experience you'll only be able to get the associate CISSP and the CASP might be a good interim choice. You didn't mention it as an option, but the SSCP is a good stepping stone to the CISSP. You'll find the requirements are easier to meet and there is a lot of crossover between the SSCP and CISSP.

    Good luck with whatever you choose.
  • blackberrycubedblackberrycubed Member Posts: 24 ■■■□□□□□□□
    Thanks Darril. I have decided to pursue CISSP. I have about 8 years of Industry experience that should satisfy the direct experience requirement.
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  • DarrilDarril Member Posts: 1,588
    Thanks Darril. I have decided to pursue CISSP. I have about 8 years of Industry experience that should satisfy the direct experience requirement.
    Good choice. It'll take a little longer to complete the CISSP but it's definitely worth it.
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    Congrats on pass!! icon_thumright.gif
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    Congrats on the pass icon_thumright.gif
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    Congratulations on your pass! I am looking forward to this exam!
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