Cisco 881 - Traffic Shape / Police

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Not sure if this is the best thread but curious if anyone has tried this.

Currently I have a Cisco 881 setup as the "Core" router, connected to FA0 / VLAN 100 is a Cisco 871 and connected to FA1 / VLAN 200 is a cheap Linksys Router "Home Network". I have everything up and going fine, 881 connects via PPPoE, and all devices can speak etc. Now what my intent to do is the following, I have a 10Mbps / 2Mbps connection via the PPPoE DSL. I want to rate limit the FA0 down to 4Mbps and FA1 to 6Mbps.

I have no problem Policing the dialer interface, tested at 2Mbps / 4Mbps / 6Mbps works fine. However when I attempt to apply the policy-map to either FA0 / FA1 it doesn't do a thing. If I attempt to apply the policy to VLAN 100 or VLAN 200 it gives me an error "Configuration Failed!". Is there a reason I can only apply the Police / Shape to the dialer interface but no other interfaces? I attempted it on the 871 and get the same, I also attempted to try rate-limiting the vlan, but it has no effect.

IOS : c880data-universalk9-mz.150-1.M5.bin

policy-map Police
class class-default
police 4100000
policy-map Shape
class class-default
shape average 1100000
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