tips on passing this test active directory 640

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This test has me freaking out, i was just need tips on what needs to be done to pass it


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    The resources provided by other members here are really good. I guess it depends on what knowledge/experience you already have with AD.

    For me I started with the MS Press R2 book for 70-640 and a virtual box lab. I then worked through all the chapters in the book and made notes as I went along. Technet is essential as the book does not cover everything. Keep on at lab work until you're sure you know it.

    I used Kaplan for tests once I felt ready enough for the exam, which I didn't get first time but did second time round.
  • bedgood13bedgood13 Member Posts: 6 ■□□□□□□□□□
    is it possible to pass the test without a virtualbox
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