Format of CCNA examination?!

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Hi guys, i goin to take my CCNA for the first time ! So can some1 tell me the format and duration of the exam?? and normmaly wat needs to be aware during the exam...

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  • kplabkplab Member Posts: 101
    The Certification Exam Tutorial on the Cisco Website has a demo on the exam format:
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    I cleared the CCNA yesterday. The duration was 2 hrs and 53 questions. Before you start the exam there will be a small tutorial session that is aimed to make you comfortable with the type of questions including simulations, multiple choice, etc.

    The time remaining will be displayed on top of the screen, and the question number you are answering towards the bottom right.

    Make sure you are thorough with subnetting.

    Good luck icon_smile.gif
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    Read each question very carefully since you cant mark any for review. Spend about 2 mins on each question. Plan to spend 15 mins on your sim(s). Take a deep breath when the sim(s) comes since it will show up unexpectedly.

    Good Luck!!!
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    normmally wat kind of subnetting question will ask..... can ...?? icon_lol.gif And when in a pratical question for IOS command, do they have "?" (HELP) command ??
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    format .....

    they ask a question .....

    then you answer it !!!
    with single-guess , multiple-guess or a simulation
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    And when in a pratical question for IOS command, do they have "?" (HELP) command ??

    If it is a simulation based question you will get an interface that looks exactly like a CLI mode. To answer your question....from my experience… yes you can use the "?" command. But you should know that the time is too less to explore things icon_smile.gif
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