A+ Renewal / WGU Credit?

DoctorYikesDoctorYikes Member Posts: 7 ■□□□□□□□□□
I'm looking into the WGU IT-Software program, and wanting to knock down some of the certifications before starting the enrollment process. Now, I have an A+ certification, but it's from '99 or 2000. Doesn't expire, but doesn't work as a qualifier. I had read somewhere that getting a 'higher' certification such as the Network+ or Security+ renews the A+ under the continuing education program...

So, my question is: If I focus on the Network+, does that mean my A+ simply shows up as 'renewed' whenever I pass the Network+? In other words, would it then qualify to waive some WGU courses despite being more than five years old? I don't mind refreshing and retaking, but if I don't have to... well, I like my money.


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