A little help with Ethernet specifications

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Comptia N10-005 Exam Objectives 3.7 governs this subject and its kinda vague...

3.7 Compare and contrast different LAN technologies.

 Types:
o Ethernet
o 10BaseT
o 100BaseT
o 1000BaseT
o 100BaseTX
o 100BaseFX
o 1000BaseX
o 10GBaseSR
o 10GBaseLR
o 10GBaseER
o 10GBaseSW
o 10GBaseLW
o 10GBaseEW
o 10GBaseT

 Properties:
o Broadcast
o Collision
o Bonding
o Speed
o Distance

Im trying to figure out how in depth I need to get into the Ethernet specifications.

My study material has a nice little Table listing the different names like 10Base2, 1000BaseT etc...their cable type whether its Coax, UTP, STP or Fiber...Maximum speeds and transmission distances. Basically the name, cable type, speed and distance.

I know there is more involved as in the IEEE committee governs each like 802.3 etc, maximum users per segment, whether its 2 pair or 4 pair wire, multimode or singlemode, connector types and what devices you can use it with etc.

For testing purposes what do I need to commit to memory?

Would I be safe just knowing that 10GBaseSW is MMF, 10Gbps and up to 300 meters OR do i need to know all of that plus its typically connected to SONET equipment, its laser transciever how many users etc. My book doesnt even talk about the maximum users for 10GBaseSW.

How in depth does the test get on this?

Also there are many more such as 10Base2, 10Base5 and a few others that isnt mentioned in the CompTia objetives but the book is covering them.

Thanks for any clarification.


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