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I am looking for some Jr Network technician jobs. I am looking right now on the standard sites, but I am wondering if anyone has any tips/advice. How do I find a legit netadmin job rather than a help desk job with network in the title...

I'm looking at "NOC Technician" which seems to work for finding a few positions, what keyword you you guys like to use?


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    I've been wondering the same thing, as well as whether it would be possible to land one of those positions w/ only the CCENT instead of the full NA. (I see OP also has his CCENT, like me.)
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    I think you should consider using linkedIn to try to network with people who work somewhere you are interested in. They may not all be helpful, but sometimes they are. If you have decent social skills you may get info from them, and a heads up on job openings. I know where I am from they are most of the time not really posted on sites much.

    Noc Technician, is one of the best ones I've seen to search for, you can try " lan, Wan" although it may be broad, it should almost definitely get you hits on all the junior level jobs.

    network technician
    noc technician
    tcp ip

    I think it's possible but, maybe really tough to get a noc job with just ccent. I encourage you guys to get the CCNA. I think it's helped me gain credibility, and from others perspective it shows initiative and that you at least have the right idea as to what qualifications can help you, and you are working towards that goal.
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