Which is correct??

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Ok...I have ran across conflicting information:

CBTNuggets Network+ N10-005 nugget "Compairing LAN Technologies" list the following:

10GBaseSR - Max Distance 26-82 meters
10GBaseLR - Max Distance 25,000 meters (25km)

Sybex CompTia Network+ Deluxe Study N10-005 Guide list the following:

10GBaseSR - Max Distance 300 meters
10GBaseLR - Max Distance 10,000 meters (10km)

Big difference here...anybody know the answer on these distances?

This is my two study resources....not sure whats up with this.


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    fyrehawgfyrehawg Member Posts: 22 ■□□□□□□□□□
    Just for grins...ive noticed Cisco list the max distance of 10GBaseSR as 26 meters...HP lists it as 33-86 meters.

    One of the Chapter Test questions just stated that 10GBaseLR's max distance is 6 miles??? REALLY???? How am I supposed to learn anything???

    Im about to pull my hair out....

    I guess the question is...How long does CompTia say it is????

    Or do I even need to commit the distances to memory and Im good just knowing that 10GBaseSR is a fiber optic with 10Gig throughput and the SR is shorter...LR is longer ER is longest??
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    DarrilDarril Member Posts: 1,588
    fyrehawg wrote: »
    I guess the question is...How long does CompTia say it is????

    CompTIA isn't the authority for any of these specifications and I'd suggest that you don't need to know many of the specific distances, but instead understand the relative distances.

    For the Network+ exam, you can simplify it like this:
    • S = Short (shortest range)
    • L = Long (between short and extended range)
    • E = Extended (longest range)
    In other words, 10GBaseSR is short range, 10GBaseLR is is long range, and 10GBaseER is the longest with extended range.

    The same applies for 10GBaseSW (short range WAN), 10GBaseLW (long range WAN), and 10GbaseEW (extended range WAN).

    Also, only short range can use multimode fiber (MMF). All others use single mode fiber (SMF).

    Last, I've seen 10GBaseSR listed with a maximum of 400 meters and 10GbaseSW with a maximum of 300 meters.

    For simplicity sake, I'd suggest just remembering "S" has a maximum of 300 or 400 meters and uses MMF. Longer distances ("L" and "E") are typically specified in KM and use SMF.

    On the job, you would include all of the other variables such as connecting equipment that will give you a more exact number.

    Hope this helps.
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    Snow.brosSnow.bros Member Posts: 832 ■■■■□□□□□□
    Took the test like last month ago i have read an old Net+ N10-003 from way back in 2005 study guide and a recent Net+ N10-005 guide by Craig Zager the information i got from there was more along in the line with the Sybex CompTIA net+ guide. I am quiet sure that 10GBaseSR has a Max Distance 300 meters and 10GBaseLR has a Max Distance 25km

    Here are some notes that could be helpful towards your preparation and possibly give us clarity: http://www.hp.com/rnd/pdfs/10gig_cabling_technical_brief.pdf and 10-gigabit Ethernet - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Good luck for the exam!!!
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