Passed Network Plus today

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Passed Network+ today!

Used Technotes, Sybex 4th Edition Network+, Preplogic Audio Cds

Very technical, I only had one Apple Os question. Know the numbers/feet etc. Thank you all!
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    Congrats, do you have some tips for me? I'm taking it next month.
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    After looking at this forum I expected alot of Apple questions, which I know very little about. I only had one. Most of my questions were very straightforward. A good numberr required knowing the specs - feet distances and the such. Common sense mostly. 85 questions. Took me 45 minutes, and I consider myself a methodical slow tester. Know the ports and know what the different devices on the network do and at what OSI levels they work at.
    A+, CCNA, Network+
    IT Generalist
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    CONGRATZ dude.....
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    Congrats! :D
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