CISSP Study Group Dublin (Ireland)

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I'd be interested in setting up a free in person study group to teach and learn CISSP topics.
It would be a community based effort and it would be free. If anyone is interested in participating or contributing please let me know.
In order to do this, I would need multiple contributors.

I'm based in the Dublin area (Ireland) and we could possibly start something from Saturday 12th of October and if we have the numbers and can get a suitable location.
I would guess that we would run about 6-8 weeks, either one evening per week or one day on the weekend - it would vary.

We could set it up so that someone could present a topic together with watching a number training videos and other training resources that I've found.
Anything else that anyone else could share would also be a bonus.

Also towards the end of the 6-8 weeks, we could organize to sit a mock exam to see if we are ready for the real exam.

It helps when there's a group of people that can brainstorm together. Studying can get tedious when done alone and a few minds are better than one!

Let me know what your interest is. I'm keen to get this started.


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