Passed PMP exam!

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Hello everyone,

This was my second attempt, and I got proficient in four processes, and moderate in the closing process. The first time I barely passed initiation and execution. How did I do so well?

For the first exam I just studied Rita's cover to cover, and read discussions taking places here, PMP Study Circle, and Deep Fried Brain. At the end of Rita's chapter, I passed every single test; I also took other online exams that I did good in. I was confident that I will pass so scheduled and took the exam. I did really bad, I felt so bad that I bought a pack of cigarettes and started to smoke them (I don't smoke). I could not let go all that hard work so I scheduled another exam date.

The version for the exam changed from 4th to 5th, and Rita's book was not out. I bought Kim Fieldman's 5th edition. I studied it from cover to cover, and understood the ITTO much better this time. I delayed the exam by another two weeks, and worked on my math; I ordered a book for that, and studied it well. I did more mock exams, and almost memorized all the ITTO's. I was still worried on the exam day (I remembered the first one); I kept saying to myself that I will have another chance if I failed this! I started the exam, and I flew through it; I finished in less than three hours.

The bottom line is that you have to study hard and understand. Not only for your own good, but to do well in the exam. Won't hurt to strategize but I would recommend to just invest that time in your studies, and you will do well.

Kind Regards,
Hamid Hotaki


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    Congrats on the pass!

    The late great Rita Mulcahy's book helped me out a lot several years ago when I took this, but it is good to know there are other solid resources. I have a couple of colleagues studying for this now.
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    Thank AnthonyF, and Larry. Rita's book is good, but it is not enough. Having two or three resource makes it easy to understand, and allows you to look at an issue from different angles.
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    Congrats on the pass icon_thumright.gif
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