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I'm looking at becoming an EnCE certified examiner. I don't have any experience in computer forensics, but I work in law enforcement as an investigator and looking to expand. (I have a strong IT background)

A local community college offers a 64 hour (3 credit) course on the basics of Computer Forensics and they also offers a certificate of completion in computer forensics which includes that course and three others in digital and network forensics. EnCE states that all you have to have to be certified is "64 hours of authorized computer forensics training (online or classroom)."

My question is this: is there anyone on here who has qualified to take the EnCE exam from education alone by taking a community college level course(s) in computer forensics?

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    That would be me. I did around 92 hours of classroom lecture and training before passing the EnCE 6 exams. The current exam is for the EnCase v7 software. I don't know anyone who has taken that exam and practical.
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    JD, I read your two blog posts on the EnCE certification process. Thanks for taking the time to write those, it was so interesting to me that I now desire to complete the EnCE training/certification process as well. I probably won't though because I see no probability that I will ever practically use these skills in my career. Did you complete the certification with an eye on professionally using these skills in the future? Or was it a case of wanting to learn something cool for yourself?
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    I was able to do the training and cert through a previous job and in hopes of swinging into their IT department via computer forensics and incident investigation. Unfortunately, that career path didn't emerge for me, but I had a few cool LE, FBI, and eDiscovery forensics instructors along the way, and some very enlightening experiences interviewing for digital forensic examiner positions with different organizations.
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    The problem I have with the EnCE is the CPE required to maintain it.
    It seems like only their $3-4,000 classes qualify to keep your cert.
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    I tend to believe the idea is once you get the certification you'd be in a job where they are covering the CPE's thus the higher price.
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