Desktop Deployment questions

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Just looking from some quick advice/opinions here. I currently work as a Computer Tech for a small shop locally doing basic bench work like virus removal, residential backup solutions, Windows reloads, etc. I was recently contacted by a recruiter for a contract position with a major PC manufacturer for a desktop deployment contract of roughly 2,000 systems, and I'm just curious what other people's experiences have been with this type of work. I have my A+, Net+, and Sec+ right now, and I will be taking the 70-680 (attempt #2) this coming Wednesday, which should give me my MCTS: Windows 7.

1) What sort of responsibilities should I expect as a lowly Tech during a deployment?

2) There is a telephone interview coming up this week. What type of questions would YOU ask if you were interviewing for this position?

3) Any other comments or advice?

I'm no youngster, but I'm green when it comes to IT. I plan on making it a career though, and it would seem that doing some contract work as a deployment tech would be beneficial to my future career. I'm just trying to get a feel for the role and what might be required of me in preparation for the phone interview and the actual job itself. Thanks in advance!


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