A+, N+/CCNA with Comp Sci degree, what jobs can I do now? Volunteering considered

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Hello guys,

I live in the UK and as stated, I'm taking A+, N+ (may also take the MCSE) which I am seeking to complete these exams within 3 months. Moreover, I'm aiming to progress onto a CCNA and complete this certification within the 8 months.

I'm also in my first year of my Computer Science degree.

I've been informed volunteering is the way to go, to add that much needed experience backed up by a certification alongside studying for a degree.

My plan is to volunteer at hospitals, council, school's, none profit organisations. Where else can I volunteer and for what roles?

On completion of these certs, what paid (with volunteer experience) can I go into?

I have work experience only in retail to date, furthermore, I'm seeking to run a charity, online business and have captained my local sports team, which is basically what's on my CV.

Comments appreciated.


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    Try to get some internships too.

    Volunteering can be cool but you might end up doing small things such as fixing computers and troubleshooting them. Or some internet connectivity stuffs. If you volunteer at some of the right places, you might be able to meet some important people.

    You'll get many more opportunities with the CCNA.
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    You can start running your charity today:IT support for nonprofits.

    Send out some flyers. Make sure that you let them know that you're willing to submit to a background check as a prerequisite to beginning the volunteer service (you don't want "Chester the Molester" in your school, for example).

    You might want to try targeting nonprofits that you already support, as they will be more familiar with you.

    Also, you seem to be primarily a school student at this time. Think long term, and do the math prior to stopping school work if you reach a point where your side jobs pick up. If the side jobs become substantial, you may want to do the schooling part time. I would advise against quitting school altogether.

    Hope this helps.
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