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Hey guys,

Ok so im looking to undertake an A+ examination at some point in the near future but im a little stumped as to which the best course material is?

I feel i should start by saying that I am very computer literate as i build PC's for myself / others quite high end gaming rigs and go into further detail with things like overclocking. Being as i build rigs i am pretty confident with the hardware side of things and have a good understanding of PC's in general when it comes to troubleshooting.

I recently purchased Mike Meyers A+ all in 1 guide though i am not finding it extremely helpful, cant quite put my finger on it but it seems it may not be the best material for myself as it is all quite long winded and i tend to lose concentration quickly.

Now I have heard great things about the "exam cram" books and also the "Transcender A+"

Could anybody back this up as a good study combination, i have found that past exam questions seem to be great sources of information and really stick in your head. However I have never heard of the company so wondering if they are credible?

Any help would be greatly appreciated guys its to help get a job with the company i work for they want the A+ so here i am :D


Don :)


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    You should check out Professor Messer's videos on YouTube. They are really helpful. Take notes while you watch them though.

    Professor Messer's CompTIA A+ Training Course Overview - YouTube
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    I have almost the same background as you, having put together my fair share of business rigs and servers for a few small/medium sized businesses in addition to basic troubleshooting.

    With this in mind, others have recommended the ExamCram and I am very pleased with their suggestion. Though I do have the Mike Meyers A+ (free from a friend), it is just a bit to basic but in all fairness, it did fill in a few gaps in my knowledge.

    I haven't seen the Professor Messer videos yet, but with so many people suggesting these, it may be worth checking them out.

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    I like the idea of using flash cards and past exams as a mean of study, possibly the ExamCram books as well seeing as they seem more condensed and streight to the point than Meyers.

    The Total Tester Demo seems pretty good that comes with Meyers book but I was just looking at purchasing the full product but at $125 it seems very expensive considering it does not contain flash cards or live lab tests.

    Where as this Trancender comes with questions and Flash cards for around $60 and you can purchase a practical exam version for around $80. Unfortunately I am unable to find out their credibility.

    Messer's YouTube vids seem to be a credible source of information I think those videos combined with past questions and flash cards should suffice, what do you guys think?
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    Thanks for this suggestion. Really helpful, as long as you've got a notepad and paper handy!
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