what do you think about taking 3 exams in one day?

What do you guys think about taking both a+ and net+ is one day? too much to swallow? I have been preparing for months now for both. and the A+ seems kinda second nature to me. I have to drive 1 hour to the nearest prometric testing center and I have to work around my wifes school schedule (1 car). I am definitly going to take both a+ tests in one day.

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    Perhaps you could take a break for a couple of hours between A+ and Network+? I think the hardest thing in taking several exam on one day is that you have to prepare for them all, not taking the exams itself... so if you are prepared...

    ...on the other hand if you don't feel very secure about Network+ you might want to consider an extra drive instead of risking the money.
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    If i knew then what I know now I wouldve taken both A+ exams in one shot. But as for N+... i guess it depends how confident you are.
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    It definitely wouldn't be impossible to take all three in one day. A+ and Network+ have a slight overlap in objectives, so I can see it being very possible. Like the Webmaster said, take at least an hour break in between each test so you can study notes or reread any chapters you're shaky on. Knock 'em dead!

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    If you are confident with your knowledge and abilities then I really can't see any objections other than your own mind. Ask yourself how you would cope if say you missed your first exam - do you have the ability to put that behind you and enter the next one with a clear mind or would that grate on you.
    My advice would be that if you are going to do all in one day - make a day of it. Take say Core, then have a break for a couple hours, then OS, then another break and then Network+. Use the time between to review your notes (only notes and not new material) or perhaps take a walk and have a latte somewhere. The time would also be helpful if you missed on something as you would be able to look at the area - remember the question and realise that it was probably your not understanding the question correctly rather than not knowing the subject matter.
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    The main thing is my wife has school. She gets off at 10 on fridays. I would then have to drive one hour to get to bakersfield to new horizons. Their last scheduled test is at 3 pm..

    Hmm I will consider it..

    Ive been putting these off for quite ahwhile..


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    the two a+ exams in one day is very do-able. i didn't do it. i had really only just gotten back into the education thing. i had done a few exams based on microsoft office the year before, but had't done any exams for almost fifteen years before that.

    if you are scoring close to 100% in just about any practise test you are taking, i would say go for it!. the a+ was a walk-in-the-park in retrospect (it seemed like a killer at the time), but then again, most of that stuff is second-nature to me now that i have done the network+ and working my way through the windows 2000 track.

    best of luck.
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    when you refer to 100 % on practice tests. Which ones would you be refering to? Cause alot of places ive been taking them. it seems they dont have that many questions.
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    icon_confused.gif Even with 1 question you can score 100%...
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    yes.. You are correct. But what I am refering too is the fact that I dont feel too sure about those tests ability to prepare me for the actual exam.

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    Well, that depends a lot on which site you use, all the sites listed in our link directory will prepare you for the exam, since their questions, as well as ours, are based on the exam objectives. So it is all inside the scope of the exam, and generally of the same level of difficulty.
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