MCSA : Windows 8 exam preperations

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So hay all i'm back and starting studying for another exam, it's now onto MCSA : windows 8 but i'm still new to alot of these exam things being self taught and what not so i could really do with some help here. when doing my N+ it was easy to google study guides and practice exams but with the windows 8 exam it's not so easy so if anyone has any help i'd appreciate it. I want to start studying ASAPicon_wink.gif



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    I'm definatley in the same boat, I have been in the Cisco certification track for the last four years. Now that is out of the way I really would like to focus on knocking out these desktop certifications. I spoke with some guys from my job and they said the best thing to do is Google the exam number and purchase the study books accociated with it. I think I saw it for about $30 on amazon after purchasing all the CCNA material that is a reasonable price. lol

    Good Luck!
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