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hey everyone. I passed the A+ and is currently doin the N+........then i wanna do Sec+ nex cuz a wanna do Network Security......planning in the cisco a wonder if a should still do like MCSA Sec or any microsoft cert......cuz a realli want to do cisco security........thanx n let me knoe if i am in the right path


  • johnnynodoughjohnnynodough Member Posts: 634
    If you are wanting to head down the path of net security, with Cisco in particular, then I would dive right into CCNA and go from there. A+ Net+ and Sec+ can benifit a MS career path, but network security from a Cisco standpoint, MS certs wont really be benificial. The material that you would learn security wise as it applies to networks is going to be more than covered by the cisco cerst, probably more than you would ever want to know icon_wink.gif
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    But, it is always good to be well rounded on both the network security and the backoffice security systems.
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    Im doing MCSA then may go on to CCNA, gonna get a taste of both worlds :D
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    I would suggest studying English aswell.

    Cuz ya writing skills aint gonna cut it in an intaview!
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    haha yes vijay i love the 'lingo' .
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    Essex... looks like you got the language skillz yourself. Did you get a cert in that too?
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    I'd set a goal and work towards it. Draft up a certification path for yourself and write down all the exams required, your timeframes, and materials required to put everything in perspective. Then think about the future. I know most people trying to attain a major certification like MCSE or CCNP or something have so much on their plate that they can't see where they are going afterwards, but it's important to think about. Employers don't want to see people achieving their goal and then stopping, so it's always wise to have a plan for progress. If you have your heart set on Cisco and are working towards that, grab a sheet of paper and do as I said. Microsoft certs aren't going anywhere, so there will be plenty of options for you once you are done with your Cisco track, and employers love that ambitious "go-getter" attitude that comes from study, practise, and success.
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