Passed CISSP on 10/8/2013

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So I really started studying for this exam in mid - end of July, and ramped up the studying half way through September. I went through 3 books, and thousands of test questions it seems. Below is the material I used:

CISSP AIO 6th edition by Shon Harris
- This is a long and winded read, but if you do not have several years worth of experience I believe this book is useful. It covers minute details on concepts and technologies that the other material did not cover (which they are needed). So while some people may not like this book (for good reason) I think it does provide some benefit.

CISSP Study Guide 2nd edition by Eric Conrad
-First I met this guy at a SANS conference, he is pretty awesome. His book is great, it covers what you need to know for the exam. I read this book twice. I read it to start my studying and I read it after the Shon Harris book. I feel that reading these books in that order really helped me tie a lot of concepts together.

11th Hour CISSP by Eric Conrad
-A condensed version of the study guide that drills the points home. I believe a new edition of the book comes out next month.

I used Shon Harris Practice Exams 2nd, Total Tester (came with the Shon Harris Book) testing engine (I really like this engine), and the website.

The one piece of advice I would give is to write down notes on that laminate paper you get BEFORE you start the exam. Before I even accepted the terms I mapped the OSI layers to the TCP/IP layers, wrote down the different IPSec settings and their purposes, wrote down 4 of the main security models, their properties, and any other details I could think of. And at the top of my notes I wrote in all caps so it would scream at me "THINK LIKE A MANAGER" as a tech person it is hard for me to get out of the tech role because that is what I do. If you do all of this prior to starting and IF something comes up that relates you already have your notes written down and not have to think about it as much.

So thankfully I have passed and I am a one and done with this exam. I have filled out all the required paperwork and plan on submitting it tomorrow.

One question for the CISSPs out there did any of you send the material via e-mail and it work out, or is snail mail the best way to go?

EDIT: I can't believe I forgot this, but those of who post your experiences and this website in general are great resources for this exam and others. Thanks JD, Webmaster, et al.
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