MCSE 2008 server or 2012 server?

Should I go for MCSE 2008 server or 2012 server? I am a newbie to Microsoft field. If I really do the old Server 2008 will it be bad for career and getting a job?



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    The company I work for have a few servers with 2003, most with 2008 and some with 2012. I went for 680/685 first and then went for Server 2012 I dont have any other M$ cert than those but I think knowing the newest stuff is the best path imo.
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    I decided to start on 2008, since it's more likely you'll come across those in production environments.
    Then it shouldn't be too hard to upgrade later on. All you'll need to learn are the new features, instead of the server itself. So in the end, you'll have the best of both worlds and won't become reliant on features in 2012 you won't have accessible when working on 2008.

    Just my opinion. I just started studying this week, so it's a pretty uninformed one.
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    I second DoubleNNs notion. I moved into a Sys Admin role just over a year ago and had this same discussion with my supervisor. We both came to the conclusion that getting the MCSA on 2008 and upgrading down the road made more sense especially considering the large majority of our environment is on 2008.

    I imagine most organizations are in the same boat and will only slowly start migrating to 2012 once R2 is out. I know of many places where 2003 is still the norm so in my eyes, the upgrade path just makes more sense. Get your hands on the prevalent technology and then build from there.
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    i do not know how far you are in your studies but i would go for the 2012. last I checked the mcsa server 2008 was being retired in JAN 2014. the 640, 642 and 646 exams are set to expire in jan....thats just around the corner
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    agchitty wrote: »
    i do not know how far you are in your studies but i would go for the 2012. last I checked the mcsa server 2008 was being retired in JAN 2014. the 640, 642 and 646 exams are set to expire in jan....thats just around the corner

    The MCITP title is being retired and has been replaced by the new MCSA. 640, 642,and 646 are not retiring. 643, 647, and 649, the exams for MCITP:EA are being retired.

    To the OP, if you are looking for a job now or work a lot with windows 2008 and need to learn more about it, then go for MCSA 2008. If you are planning to stay were you are for a couple of years and are ok with Windows 2008, then go to MCSA 2012 and get a head start on the cert treadmill.

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  • p1xelsp1xels Member Posts: 114
    1)Can anyone please tell me what EXACTLY the valid paper codes are for MCITP & for how long they are valid?
    2)Since I am already 36 yrs old and from Calcutta,India ,what are my chances of getting a job with good salary if I posses a MCITP(passing 2 or 3 papers) and with CCNA plus no experience? [If anyone from India can please share their views].

    Seniors and Friends here in this forum,also please tell me what salary range can I expect to get at this age as a fresher? Or i can get a job at the least?
    Because I am from a poor family and can't afford to remain jobless for the rest of my life ,nor i like to do any kind of business as i dont have that courage.
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  • EssendonEssendon Member Posts: 4,548 ■■■■■■■■■■
    I can only answer your first question, assuming your asking about the exam codes - they are

    >> 70-640, 70-642, 70-646 - Pass all these and you get the MCITP: SA. This is not going anywhere. You can take these exams well into the foreseeable future.
    >> 70-640, 70-642, 70-643, 70-647 - Pass all these and you get the MCITP: EA (You can achieve this certification till Jan 2014, after that you cannot sit for the 643 and 647). Your certification wont be invalid after this date. However your transcript may show the EA as being legacy or retired. Not invalid.

    Good luck with finding a job!
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  • p1xelsp1xels Member Posts: 114
    Hi Essendon,
    Thanks for answering. Please tell me what certificate will i get if i pass only 640 and 642? BTW,What does SA stand for in MCITP:SA?
  • EssendonEssendon Member Posts: 4,548 ■■■■■■■■■■
    You'll get an MCTS each for passing the 640 and 642.

    SA = Server Administrator
    EA = Enterprise Administrator
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  • ShdwmageShdwmage Member Posts: 374
    Most production environments I know are running server 2008 r2. That being said we are currently in a build right now and will be upgrading our servers to 2012. Microsoft is doing a huge push to force people to powershell and command line on their servers. They want to reduce the surface area for attack.

    That being said, a lot of organizations I know are actually already migrating to 2012 as time and resources allow.
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