Starting CISSP Study plan

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Hi All,

I'm starting my prep and have a question. I am using the following:

1) CISSP Study Guide 2nd edition - Eric Conrad
2) Eleventh Hour CISSP: Study Guide - Eric Conrad
3) CISSP AIO Exam Guide 6th edition - Shon Harris
4) CISSP Practice Exams - Shon Harris

Here's the question. I have read that is AIO is very long winded and SG gets to the point. Which of these should I read through first?


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    Tell us more about your background? What do you consider your best and worst domains?
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    I have been in IT for about 12 years. With Info sec experience for the past 5. I'm a sys admin in the defense industry. Scored a 900 on the Security+ in Feb. Not that it means much, but I wanted to get my feet wet before I tried the CISSP.

    Best: Access Controls , Info Sec gov & Risk Mngt, Sys Arch

    Worst: Crypt, Legal
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    Your background looks somewhat similar to mine. I think you may find Harris too verbose. I started basing my CISSP studies on her book but quickly found out that she expanded too much on basically every topic. After weeks reading I felt I made no progress. I switched to Conrad's guide as my main source as things moved along pretty well. I still kept referencing her book for my weak domains (also Crypto). Closer to the end the 11th Hour book helped wrap everything up. See this thread for my other resources.
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