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two servers, srv01, and srv02. srv01 host 160 domains. srv01 fails, corrupting the OS and requiring a re-install onto srv02. srv02 now contain all 160 domains, however, only about half of them are browsable. The other have is not accessible due to permissions? Seeming, removing either - or both - the Network or Interactive Groups from a domains ACL solves the problem in some cases. Why?

What is the purpose of the Network and Interactive Groups and how do they interacte with IIS?

What is the recommended permissions setup (ACL) for a domain hosted with IIS?

-Daniel Jones


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    The default share permission for shares is Everyone Read. If you're using IIS as a publishing server (WebDAV, Microsoft FrontPage, FTP, etc.) and the file server is the back end, you'll need to set permissions for share and NTFS sufficient to allow writing to the resource. Share permissions should be Change or Full Control, and will require the Modify Write permissions for these applications to work correctly. The specific settings required are dependent on how you implement publishing.
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