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Hi Folks,

I am someone passionate about the field of IT,however my educational background is in accounts and audit and i dont have much of experience either.Now i want to switch to the field of IT auditing or Info security.
I already have passed the exams of ACCA,CIA,CISA(1st Attempt Top 10% in CISA)
I wanted to ask if i go for CISSP Would i be able to clear it?have any one with such background in this group done this?

Kindly advice


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    If you have no InfoSec experience it is highly unlikely you will pass. Reading books can only get you so far, not to mention you need 5 actual years of InfoSec experience to earn the actual CISSP title.
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    * Certifications: CISSP, CEH, CHFI, CCNA:Sec, CCNA:R&S, CWNA, ITILv3, VCA-DCV, LPIC-1, A+, Network+, Security+, Linux+, Project+, and many more...
    * Degrees: MSc: Cybersecurity and Information Assurance; BSc: Information Technology - Security; AAS: IT Network Systems Administration
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    I agree with you TechGuy.But same way CISA also requires 5 yrz experience but I passed it
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    The experience requirement isn't about a candidate's ability to write or pass an exam. Both ISACA and ISC2 have experience requirements for the successful exam passer to actually earn the designation of CISA or CISSP.

    For example, even if you passed the CISA, unless you have the absolute minimum of "2 years of IS audit, control assurance or security experience" - How to Become CISA Certified - you are not eligible to use the designation of CISA.

    As for whether you should go for the CISSP - only you will know if you should do it. It sounds like you have the passion for the craft. So - yes - why not? Even if you cannot earn the designation of CISSP, you can still earn the Associate of CISSP designation if you pass.

    Good luck.
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    Let me tell you my story. I work in building automation. I have experience with Telco and, with my 5 years of military experience, operational security. I qualify for the CISSP from an experience perspective but some would say I am woefully short on the experience side. I will say, I locked myself in a room studied for 4 days and passed the exam. It was actually quite easy and really basic on what it tested.

    For example, it did cover each of the domains but it covered them at a entry level. I would say the questions in the telco domain are on par with someone with CCNA/Network+ level skills.

    So what does this all mean? If you have common sense, business experience, and, in my case a photographic memory. Then you should be able to pass it with a few solid days worth of studying.

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    Thanks All...I Am Going for CISSP Soon
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    See it all depends upon your dedication. Most of my acquaintances who did both CISA and CISSP were from IT background, but that doesn't mean a non IT guy could not clear CISSP. But you must think about the utility of CISSP in your career path. Good Luck
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