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Hi All,

I have a requirement for the following -

An extension to only be forwarded to VM during non working hours. During working hours, there has to be no divert to VM.

I have setup night-service hours under telephony service and understand I can put this under the DN and point to the VM number for non working hours.

However, during the night hours I want the phone to ring first before going to VM. I believe if I just point it to VM for night service hours if won't actually ring and just divert straight to VM.

Basically the end result for the extension is -
During the day - No VM
During the night (pre-defined hours) - extension to ring - then VM on NOAN.

What is the best way to achieve this?


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    Off the top of my head you could achive this with a script if you are using UCCX/UCCE. What is this ext for?
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    Instresting problem. I would fowrard to phone to another number that has VM setup and let that phone ring and let the busy no answer take the call to voice mail..

    call flow

    Day time

    phone---NO VM

    Night time

    Phone(1)----foward all----phone(2)---call forward no ans

    This would require manual call forward all, but it would get you the desired result.
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