512MB J-Series Upgrades

networknubbinnetworknubbin Member Posts: 18 ■□□□□□□□□□

I recently came into possession of a 512MB J-Series, and was curious on what exactly the best method for JunOS upgrades are.

It's currently sitting at 11.4R1.6, and I'd like to move it to 11.4R9.4. Unfortunately, the severe lack of disk space seems to be preventing me from doing so. I've tried a local unlink install, along with external USB. Both fail when it comes time to extract the image.

If this was an SRX there would be a bootloader I could install/tftp from, but j-series seem to lack this as well... Is my only option DD'ing the CF?

If I have to DD, can someone point me to the correct image I'm suppose to use?

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