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Hi All,

I wondered if people would like to share how they studied for the 70-410/411/412 exams and if they had any tips on what they found most effective?

Im struggling to find a technique that suits me currently, ive read and made notes on Craig Zackers book but do not feel like its actually sinking in.

I have the book, my own lab and tech net articles etc.

Do people find reading and making notes good for them?
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    I have the same issue...

    Also, What are "the labs" people keep talking about from this site?

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    When I think of labs I'm not following specific scenarios someone else created. I simply spin several servers using virtualization software of choice and go at it. Build an environment from scratch following what the objectives cover in the book. Implement multiple DC, services, anything mentioned and just click around. Inspect the options, checkboxs, and such for anything you could possible click or change.

    The practice will help visualize and reinforce the book or videos you watch. It's much more difficult to pass these exams without labbing and hands-on experience clicking through the gui and some playing within powershell.
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