Good morning.
Does anyone know how long Server 2008 certs are good till or when the exams will no longer be offered?

I'm tryin to determine if it's worth getting Server 2008 certs and upgrading to Server 2012 or just going straight to Server 2012.


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    unfbilly11unfbilly11 Member Posts: 100 ■■□□□□□□□□
    Last I checked, none of the tests for the MCSA: Server 2008 are listed as retiring, so that means they'll be around for at least another year. In my opinion, I'd take the 2008 tests and then upgrade to 2012. I feel like more businesses will be using Server 2008 and so it will look better on a resume. That's what I'm currently doing. Unfortunately, the 70-640 is kicking my butt.
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