[InfoSec] Salary advice

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Hi guys, I hope this thread fits on this board, it's about salary problem that bothers me for already a few weeks.
Some background of myself below
- university graduate, bachelor of engineering in computer engineering
- 27 years old with 5 years IT exp, 3 directly related to security
- holding MCSE, MCTS: virtualization, CCNA, CCNA Security, CISSP, and recently passed CISA, waiting for certification

I tried to do a salary check in payscale but there was no result
I am hoping if there is any employer or IT senior here that can give me an estimated figure on a reasonable salary...
I got my job (a domestic bank in my country) as security engineer since graduation (late 2008~early 2009, right after Lehman Brothers case happened) and I am still earning like USD$30,000...annually...No pay rise for every certificate I have earned so far
That's why I started to be frustrated recently...especially when I am waiting for being certified by ISACA as CISA...
Any advice out there for me please?? Thanks in advance!


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